Onboarding flow
for Chinese market

Client: Gemini Photos,
MacPaw Inc.

Kyiv, Ukraine
July 2021

I attended the MacPaw Summer internship as a product designer. This onboarding was my first project.

Gemini Photos is an iOS app by MacPaw that uses machine learning to help you clean up a photo library and free up the storage.

The main task was to create an onboarding flow for the Chinese market using specific primary screens.


I had some understanding of cultural differences between the ways people use apps and surf the web in Western countries and Central Asia. So I carried out some research to find out more about these differences.

This is what I found about the Asian digital mindset:

Gemini Photos onboarding flow. Onboarding flow for Gemini Photos app.


Based on the research, I decided to make a flow with a minimum number of screens while accommodating as much information as possible.

So I got three screens. The first one with all the application features is presented in the form of a slider. The second screen has a trial period button and an option to buy the annual subscription. It also has an animated illustration. The third screen includes the subscription with a discount and a trial period.

To make the development process quicker and cheaper, I decided to animate the illustration with LottieFiles.

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