IQOS web redesign

Client: IQOS
Philip Morrris International

Kyiv, Ukraine

I've spent 2 years at IQOS as a Visual Designer. The global brand redesign was one of the biggest challenges for our team.

The Ukrainian market is one of the biggest and most complex for IQOS, so it requires a unique business model. Therefore, there was a request to update the IQOS web appearance. See the results below...

Login and registration

Legal policies made online sales harder since users needed to be 18yrs of age to buy IQOS products, and we needed this information to be proven.

Another problem was that users forgot their passwords which were challenging to restore, and many were lost at this point.

We simplified the registration flow and made it more straightforward.

To solve the second problem, we added a new feature to the login flow — a one-time password. It allows the user to get a new password quickly without restoring the old one.

Login and registration flow.Login and registration flow.


Getting a device for a test drive was a challenge for our customers.

There were only two ways to make it:

With a huge amount of calls to the Customer Care Centre it always took a while to get to talk to a manager.

To make this process accessible, we created a web form for customers to leave their contacts and receive a response. It also informed if the user was able to receive this service in their area or not.


People usually want a replacement using a warranty when a device breaks. However, people often discover in-store that their warranty has already run out.

Customers forget the date of purchase, so it is disappointing for them when the warranty period has elapsed.

We developed a new web page providing information about terms and conditions with a built-in warranty period check function. One of the best features is the DIY online diagnostic, helping identify and solve issues without leaving home.

Find a store

Customers may be interested in different services provided by IQOS, but not all of them are available in each brand store.

For example, customers may require HEETS (sticks for IQOS). But it's not necessary to go to the IQOS official store to buy them; they are available in supermarkets and local stores.

We developed an interactive map with a clever navigation feature.


The global website wasn't developed for regional online sales and only represented the brand.

A clear and straightforward checkout is a must-have for an e-commerce platform, and we developed one for the Ukrainian market.

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