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Jiggle App

Kyiv, Ukraine

Jiggle is a developing iOS app built with Snap Camera Kit and Lens Studio.

The key idea is simple. Jiggle turns your moves into music. There is a grid with sounds mapped on a screen, and while tracking your movements, Jiggle brings them together.

A. game based on the same methodology was added to make the app more interactive and user-friendly.

Idea and challenge

Jiggle is a new entertainment app that allows you to dance, create music and spend your time actively. The main point was to create an immersive and involving tool for content creation.

Yet, the market is full of different games, social media apps, and content creation tools. To stand out was the main challenge.

Lens Studio and Camera Kit restrictions

Lens Studio is an application designed for artists and developers to build augmented reality experiences for Snapchatters (not exclusively). The possibilities are endless with a massive set of built-in features, including custom shaders and advanced movement-tracking technology.

Camera Kit is a turnkey SDK solution that lets developers leverage Snap's AR platform and technology in their mobile applications to deliver AR experiences to their users.

That’s how we developed it in Jiggle:

This diversity of tools causes a list of restrictions. For example, we couldn't change almost anything in the design of the camera screen, so it's similar to Snapchat.

Onboarding flow for Jiggle app.

Tutorial flow

Each user's journey begins with onboarding, as with Jiggle.

This flow was made after a few tries and some quantitive research. We also consulted our users and took on board their thoughts about previous versions. It turned out that people do need a tutorial to understand how to use Jiggle. So we made it quick and simple yet informative.

Onboarding flow for Jiggle app.

Main flow

We measured success by Shares of each video on TikTok or Instagram. The flow was developed to avoid user disruptions from the main focus tof sharing a video.

Main flow.Jiggle app main flow.

Choose content
to create

We created two kinds of content to interact with: games and music masks.

We divided them into categories in the main menu to see which was more attractive to our users.

Jiggle app main page.

Game elements

The main game element has its own lifecycle. It appears, lives for some time and vanishes.

It also looks different when the user interacts with it to show a successful hit.

Element lifecycle

Successfull hit reaction

AR Masks

At first, Jiggle had only sound effects. But conducting interviews, we found out that there is also a demand for visuals. We decided to use Lens Studio and their technology to work out this idea without much development.

And the visual appeared.

We've also developed a game, in the same way, to provide more interactive content to our users.

AR Game

The first developed game should have been simple yet immersive.

Since the app's core technology is sounds mapped on the grid, we randomly highlighted some areas.

That's how we made users interact with the sounds and enjoy exploring the different patterns.

Feedback form

We also wanted to encourage users to share their opinions about the app. That's why we made a feedback form.

Users could open it two ways: pressing the "collect gift" button in the main and mask menus or selecting a locked mask.

After completing the form, the user is granted access to the previously locked mask and can no longer give feedback.

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